Getting there…

Eragon got his cast off one week and one day ago. He has enjoyed a couple of nice long baths, and he started crawling about 48 hours after the cast came off. He has been pulling up on the couch, and can crawl up on things pretty easily. Crawling down is a bit of a challenge. It’s funny to see him re-doing all the baby steps, crawling, cruising, walking while holding our hands (just a few steps at a time, very tenuously), and once he’s walking well, we’ll go back and do the potty training again. So much for thinking we were leaving the baby stages behind! But he still takes everything in stride with his amazing good humor. We cherish the small moments, like being able to tickle him and hold him close and watch him splash around in the tub, grateful for his healing.

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  1. Dad Says:

    We are delighted to hear about his rapid progress, but we will keep him on our prayer list at church until Eragon is his new self! I’m glad he did so well on the skiing venture in the lodge, but still think it will be best for me to watch him at the house when I come out. Lots of love to all. Dad

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