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First Day of School!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Written on Monday, day of many techno troubles. That’s why it’s not getting posted til now. And because I’ve been swamped.

Today is the first of many firsts… first day of school for this year, Eragon’s first day of school, period (he’s starting Kindergarten), Emma’s first day of Middle School (she’s in 6th grade), and my first time to have all 4 kids actually enrolled in a school at home program (K, 2nd, 4th & 6th). Whew!

We love our online school, Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA), which uses the K12 curriculum. Since we are starting our fourth year with COVA, I feel like I know the ropes a little bit, having learned lots of new things each year, even though we have added a new element each year. One thing I’ve learned is balance in the beginning. We’ve gone from gung-ho, full-barrell school from the very start to not really starting when the rest of the school starts and having to play catch-up for the rest of the year. This year the key is balance. I had planned to ease into school this year, especially this week, but to actually complete several lessons with each child each day this week. But every year holds its surprises and challenges, and this year the name of the game seems to be technical glitches. So we may fall short of our goal of completing several lessons for each student today, but the main thing I’ve learned in my years with COVA is not to get too stressed about it, do the best we can, and keep plugging along.

Sweet Kindergartener working at his desk!

Meanwhile, first day of school at home means trying to stay on track and not be distracted. The kids, by each other, their toys, Eragon’s antics (he’s in Kinder, how much can we expect from him?). Me, by housework and the temptation to exercise. Yes, the only time I feel motivated to clean my house is when I need to be doing something else. And last year I worked out mid-morning, once everyone was working on something for school, but this year I want us all to stay on task, so I’m trying to exercise before school, not during. So far, so good!

Run the Rock!

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Posted by Christy.

Slow and steady runs the whole race.

That’s my motto.

I set out with a goal of running the entire race, not walking, and with no specific time goal in mind. I forgot to take my Nike Sportband, but decided that was okay since I was just aiming to complete, not compete. And there will be an official record of the run, once they get the numbers posted. Go to Run the Rock’s website and check it out!

How was it? AWESOME!!!

First, it was a beautiful day in a spectacular setting! Thank you, Lord!

Second, I was with my wonderful hubby celebrating 17 years of marriage, and our beautiful children.

Wow, who is that awesomely cute #12??? Oh yeah, MY HUBBY!!!

Third, my Uncle Mark joined us, making the event even more fun and festive!

Fourth, one of the big draws for us was the FREE babysitting! Thank you, Debra!

Fifth, the praying really helps! I toyed with the idea of taking my camera or phone and taking pictures on the run, but (1) I really just needed to concentrate on running, and (2) I know the photos I would have taken while running wouldn’t have done either the inclines or the beauty justice. So use your imagination. Or check out the photos on the Run the Rock website. The place pretty much looks the same as last year.

But I digress… the praying really does it for me, because when I’m chugging slowly up one of those big hills, or really anywhere on a run, if I keep thinking about how hard it is or how much farther I have to go or just about anything else, what incentive do I have to keep going? If, however, I am engrossed in prayer with God, either petitioning for help and/or healing for my friends and family, or offering thanks and praise, or even asking for strength to complete the task, somehow, and I can’t explain it, but somehow it becomes not just a physical but a spiritual experience, more meaningful, more fulfilling, more fun, and lots, lots easier and so full of joy. And then what incentive do I have to stop? Or go faster? Think about it, Crazy Love-style.

Sixth, the Family Fun Run! A half-mile jaunt with the whole family!

Seventh, how can you not love just about anything that ends in a free massage? I mean, really??? Sorry, no pictures.

Eighth, after-race celebration at Madwell’s! Perfect day to sit outside and chill on the patio, enjoying yummy food, great company, and wondrous views!

Oh, and my time? I finished in around 46 minutes, approximately the same amount of time it takes me to run the same distance in my (much less challenging and lower elevation) neighborhood. I do not know how. Well, maybe I do.

I do believe we’ll be doing this one again next year. Why don’t you join us?

Trail Run Trial Run

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Posted by Christy. Lest anyone mistake me for Dave.

When I started running last January using the Couch-to-5K Program, the idea was that at the end of the program I would run in a 5K. Before the end of the 9 weeks I was running 4 miles a day, 3 times a week. But I had trouble finding a 5K that worked with the family’s schedule, so I kind of let it go.

Around the end of June I happened to see a sign for a 5K in Conifer, near where we live, so I finally decided that this should be it. Run the Rock! It was scheduled for August 14, our 17th wedding anniversary, and I had at that time about 6 weeks to get ready for it. I figured if I had been running 4 miles at a stretch just a few mere months before, getting ready for a 3.1 mile run in 6 weeks should be no problem. Right.

I started my re-training in Missouri, where the heat and humidity and torrential rain made my training runs brief. I had an interim goal, to run with my runner/writer friend Cara, who was running and blogging for 31 days straight, so I was working on speed as well as distance to prepare for my debut with a “real” running buddy. I experimented with running with some ladies in my neighborhood to help me prepare. Let’s just say that I was less than ready to run with a group or even a single buddy, to put it kindly. I also discovered that I prefer to run alone.

So as the 5K race drew nearer, I began to grow uneasy. In re-reading the description of the course, I paid closer attention to the mention of a 500-foot elevation change. I measured the elevation change on the 3-mile loop in my neighborhood, which continues to be quite daunting for me. Approximately 288 feet from the lowest point to the highest. Hmm. What have I gotten myself into? First I decided that I shouldn’t be worrying about this, it’s voluntary, it’s for fun, who cares if I can’t do it? Then I decided I needed to check out the course first hand to alleviate my concerns. So much for not worrying.

I arranged with a friend to meet me at the park with her 3 kids, and I took along 3 of my kids. We met in the heat of the day, at around 1 pm. My 4-year-old pooped out right away, so as soon as the trail turned uphill he started whining for me to carry him. Okay. I tossed him on my back. Then my 6-year-old started whining for me to carry him. Sorry, full up. So I had to wheedle and prod and cajole him up the 500-foot elevation change in the heat of the afternoon while carrying a 43-pound kid on my back. As I reached the top, my husband called on my cell phone and I answered the call, breathless. We only ended up hiking 2 of the 3.1 miles, but I was very glad for the practice, because I’m pretty sure that running the whole 5K, even with all the uphill, is going to be a lot easier than hiking it with my entourage, cell phone, and the extra 43 pounds.

Bring it, I’m ready!


Plan for the day:
6:00 am – rise, read my Bible and pray
6:15 am – yoga and more praying
6:45 am – make oatmeal and coffee
7:00 am – wish hubby happy anniversary and eat oatmeal together
7:15 am – wake kids, feed kids, dress kids, load up family in car
7:30 am – leave for race
7:45 am – check in for race
9:00 am – race and more praying. lots more.

After that, who knows??? I’ll let you know how it goes!

Running and Walking and Loving

Monday, August 9th, 2010

I can’t help but grin to myself as I see to the left “Blog (Kept Updated).” Oops. I’m not very good at this. But here goes. I’m starting today, we’ll see where the road takes us.

This morning I ran a little over 3 miles. I don’t know how much over, or how fast, because my Nike Sportband didn’t keep an accurate track of my mileage, just my time, making it appear that I ran less than 3 miles at a pace of over 16 minute per mile. I don’t usually run very fast, but I walk a lot faster than a 16 minute mile.

But it was a good day to have this happen, because this is the day I realized that it doesn’t matter how fast I run. Or if I run at all. I’ve been grappling with walking vs. running for months now (ever since I started running last January), and this week it finally hit me (thanks in part to an awesome book I am reading called Crazy Love) that it really, really doesn’t matter what I do, as long as whatever I am doing brings glory to God. And that means loving. So walking, running, crawling, singing, cooking, cleaning, teaching, learning…it doesn’t matter what I am doing, as long as I am (1) loving the Lord my God with all my heart, soul and mind, and (2) loving my neighbor as myself.

So that’s what I’m trying to do.