Run the Rock!

Posted by Christy.

Slow and steady runs the whole race.

That’s my motto.

I set out with a goal of running the entire race, not walking, and with no specific time goal in mind. I forgot to take my Nike Sportband, but decided that was okay since I was just aiming to complete, not compete. And there will be an official record of the run, once they get the numbers posted. Go to Run the Rock’s website and check it out!

How was it? AWESOME!!!

First, it was a beautiful day in a spectacular setting! Thank you, Lord!

Second, I was with my wonderful hubby celebrating 17 years of marriage, and our beautiful children.

Wow, who is that awesomely cute #12??? Oh yeah, MY HUBBY!!!

Third, my Uncle Mark joined us, making the event even more fun and festive!

Fourth, one of the big draws for us was the FREE babysitting! Thank you, Debra!

Fifth, the praying really helps! I toyed with the idea of taking my camera or phone and taking pictures on the run, but (1) I really just needed to concentrate on running, and (2) I know the photos I would have taken while running wouldn’t have done either the inclines or the beauty justice. So use your imagination. Or check out the photos on the Run the Rock website. The place pretty much looks the same as last year.

But I digress… the praying really does it for me, because when I’m chugging slowly up one of those big hills, or really anywhere on a run, if I keep thinking about how hard it is or how much farther I have to go or just about anything else, what incentive do I have to keep going? If, however, I am engrossed in prayer with God, either petitioning for help and/or healing for my friends and family, or offering thanks and praise, or even asking for strength to complete the task, somehow, and I can’t explain it, but somehow it becomes not just a physical but a spiritual experience, more meaningful, more fulfilling, more fun, and lots, lots easier and so full of joy. And then what incentive do I have to stop? Or go faster? Think about it, Crazy Love-style.

Sixth, the Family Fun Run! A half-mile jaunt with the whole family!

Seventh, how can you not love just about anything that ends in a free massage? I mean, really??? Sorry, no pictures.

Eighth, after-race celebration at Madwell’s! Perfect day to sit outside and chill on the patio, enjoying yummy food, great company, and wondrous views!

Oh, and my time? I finished in around 46 minutes, approximately the same amount of time it takes me to run the same distance in my (much less challenging and lower elevation) neighborhood. I do not know how. Well, maybe I do.

I do believe we’ll be doing this one again next year. Why don’t you join us?

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  1. caragab Says:

    so, so proud and happy for you! you go girl!!

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