First Day of School!

Written on Monday, day of many techno troubles. That’s why it’s not getting posted til now. And because I’ve been swamped.

Today is the first of many firsts… first day of school for this year, Eragon’s first day of school, period (he’s starting Kindergarten), Emma’s first day of Middle School (she’s in 6th grade), and my first time to have all 4 kids actually enrolled in a school at home program (K, 2nd, 4th & 6th). Whew!

We love our online school, Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA), which uses the K12 curriculum. Since we are starting our fourth year with COVA, I feel like I know the ropes a little bit, having learned lots of new things each year, even though we have added a new element each year. One thing I’ve learned is balance in the beginning. We’ve gone from gung-ho, full-barrell school from the very start to not really starting when the rest of the school starts and having to play catch-up for the rest of the year. This year the key is balance. I had planned to ease into school this year, especially this week, but to actually complete several lessons with each child each day this week. But every year holds its surprises and challenges, and this year the name of the game seems to be technical glitches. So we may fall short of our goal of completing several lessons for each student today, but the main thing I’ve learned in my years with COVA is not to get too stressed about it, do the best we can, and keep plugging along.

Sweet Kindergartener working at his desk!

Meanwhile, first day of school at home means trying to stay on track and not be distracted. The kids, by each other, their toys, Eragon’s antics (he’s in Kinder, how much can we expect from him?). Me, by housework and the temptation to exercise. Yes, the only time I feel motivated to clean my house is when I need to be doing something else. And last year I worked out mid-morning, once everyone was working on something for school, but this year I want us all to stay on task, so I’m trying to exercise before school, not during. So far, so good!

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